Cultural Organization Arcadia

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"The Role of Astronomy in Society and Culture"

UNESCO, Paris 19-23 January 2009

Etude on "Medea" Euripides

in cooperation with Prof.  Xenophon Moussas

Associate Professor in Space Physics

Director of Astrophysics Laboratory

Faculty of Physics

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens




On Tuesday 20, from 13h00 to 14h00, there will be a performance
of "Medea" by the Arcadia Theatre. 
The character who starts the presentation of Tragedy, the Introducer 
-- in performance we shall see him as "forma", not as presence -- 
adheres to the personages and via the tragic text and the plot of the

Tragedy, we follow his own "descent" into the deepest nooks and 
folds of his being as well as that of all the other characters, 
resulting in the Analysis, the Crushing, the Understanding, as well 
as the Catharsis that comes with the Liberation, which is none other 
that Acceptance, Personal Responsibility, the Price to pay and the 
superlative Forgiveness deriving from Divinity with Medea's ascension 
to heaven in the chariot of her ancestor, God Helios (Sun).
During the unfolding of the Tragedy, we also follow the severe lashing 
on vanity, racism, ingratitude and the lack of respect as regards
Male and Female.

The performance will be presented by two actresses: Katerina Paliou,
director, actress, choreographer, and theatrologist, and Lydia Palas, 
actress and theatrologist. The translation form Ancient Greek to English
was made by Prof. Georgios Theodorides, Univ. of Melbourne, Australia.
Assistant scenographer: Christie Konstantinakos.
Costume designer: Dr. Ariadne Mackinnon
Music composer: Effie Ratsou.


- Winter 2008-2009:
Jordan, Amman
Ukraine, Odessa
India, New Delhi
- Spring 2009:
Azerbaitzan, Bacu
Iran, Tehran
France, Marceille
- Summer 2009:
Turkey - Konstantinopole,
Greece - Athens,
Albania - Tirana,
Greece - Ancient Mantinea
- Autumn 2009:
United States,
England, London
Russia, Moscow
- Winter 2009:
France, Paris, Lyon