Cultural Organization Arcadia

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Previous Projects

Year 2014:

April 2014:
Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Grand Theatre Hall, Athens.
September 2014:
Philological Society PARNASSOS, Athens.

Year 2013:

January 2013:
Opening of the Avant-garde Stage of Art and Culture, Athens.

Year 2011 and 2012:

February 2011 and February 2012:
International Conference “World Cinema and Hollywoodism”, under the auspice of
the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran, during
the 29th International Film Festival of Fajr and the 30th International Film Festival of
Fajr, Tehran, Iran.
International Art Festival of Athens ‘PETRA’, “Arcadia during the centuries”,
September 2012.

Year 2010

May 2010: Athens Concert Hall, Athens, Greece.
May 2010: Award Ceremony of Science and Arts, in the frame of Greek-Uzbek
Friendship, Gallery of Art "Chrysiis" , Athens.
June 2010: "Athenian Cafe" Cultural Centre of Municipality of Athens, Athens, Greece.

Year 2009

January 2009: World Conference of Astronomy of UNESCO, in collaboration with
UNESCO and the Paris Observatory, Paris, France.

Year 2008

November 2008: Library of Alexandria - Bibliotheca Alexandrina, in collaboration
with the University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt.

Year 2006

July 2006:
‘Summer Theatre Festival 2006’of province of Ioannina,
‘Medee’ of Euripides,Municipality of Ioannina,Hellas.
August 2006:
‘Prespeia’ Festival 2006, ‘Medee’ of Euripides,
‘Prespes – Florina’ Organization of Art,Florina, Hellas.

Year 2005

January 2005:
National Theatre of province of Serres, Hellas, ‘Medee’ of Euripides,
for the 20th celebration of the creation of National Theatre of province of Serres.
August 2005:
‘Open Theatre Festival’ ‘Edipus Rex’ of Sophocles,
Municipality of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Hellas.
October 2005:Autumn Art celebration ‘Dimitria 2005’ ‘Eleni’ of Euripides,
Municipality of Thessaloniki, in National Theatre of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki, Hellas.

Year 2004

February 2004 :
International Theatre Festival of Fajrt, ‘Prometheus Bound’ of Aeschylus
and “Medee” of Euripidesdirected by Katarina Paliou, Tehran, Iran.
September 2004:
Internarional festival of Experimental Theatre, ‘Prometheus Bound’
of Aeschylus, Cairo, Egypt.
October 2004:
Autumn Art Celebration ‘Dimitria 2004’ ‘Medee’ of Euripides,
Municipality of Thessaloniki, National Theatre of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki, Hellas.

Year 2003

September 2003 :
International festival of Experimental Theatre, ‘Medee’ of Euripides, Cairo, Egypt.
October 2003 :
‘The holy femina’, Aristotel University of Thessaloniki, Hellas.

Year 2002

Christmas 2002 :
‘Dance of refugees’ , Theatre Melina Merkouri, Thessaloniki, Hellas.