Cultural Organization Arcadia

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25th of May 2010 | Ceremony of Awards of Science and Arts | CEREMONY INVITATION - PRESS

The Cultural Organization N.G.O. “Arcadia” awards this year personalities 
who honor Science, Art and Civilization worldwide.

The important ceremony was held in Hall Gallery of Arts “Chrysiis” in 25th of May 2010
and was realized in the frame of Greek-Uzbek Friendship, with axis the civilization
that was developed in Central Asia and our country.

Central personality was the General Consul of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Athens,
Greece Ambassador Tokhirjon Μamajanov, who spoke for the relations of the two countries
and for the common fate of Culture between the Greeks and the current residents of ancient Bactrian.

The discussion coordinated the President of Cultural Organization “ Arcadia ” Dr. Katerina Paliou.

With the medal of Hipparchus was rewarded the Professor of Astrophysics,
Astronomy and Mechanics and Director of Laboratory of Astrophysics of University Athens Dr. Xenophon Moussas.
The known Professor presented the Professor of History and Philosophy of Astronomy
and Natural Sciences of University Athens Dr. Stratos Theodosiou, which spoke for his work
and mainly for the “Antikythera Mechanism“, which the Prof. Dr Moussas studies on for years
and presents the unique realization of ancient Greek world internationally.

The medals of Al Rayhan Biruni ( leading Astronomer, Mathematician and Poet of 12th century)
and of Simonides of Ceos were granted in the known journalist and poet Petros Kasimatis
for the work of “Marakanda” ( the ancient name of Samarkand ) that circulate from the Publications A.A. Livanis.

For the work of Petros Kasimatis spoke the Philologist - Historical Prof. Sarantos Kargakos.

Finally were presented musical compositions in piano and music to poetry of Petros Kasimatis from the known
composer Dr. Michalis Kefalas, recently honored as Honorary Fellow of National Academy of Music of USA.
The piano was performed by the pianist mr. Marios Kazas.

Sponsor: Spyros Nakas – Musical House

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