Cultural Organization Arcadia

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Petros Kasimatis was born in Athens. He has studied Sociology in Panteio University of Athens, Greece and is candidate Doctor of History of Sociology. He is visitor Professor in University of Comrat in Republic of Moldova. As a reporter and investigator he has covered top stories from all over the world for greek and international media, like Le Monde, BBC, CNN etc. He was Director of the press office of the Greek Parliament of Hellenic Republic, where he stays until today. He has written 4 journalistic books and 3 of Literature, what there are translated in Spanish, French, Russian and Romanian language. Recenlty he has been honored be the top cultural organization “Nostos” in Buenos Aires with the 1st Prize of Literature in International Poetic Contest in Argentina for his poem “Samarkand”, between 200 candidates from all over the world. He was also honored with the 1st prize of Journalism from Botsi Institution for his long investigation for the unknown victims of Attila invasion in Cyprus. He was honored with the Medal of Honor from the Academy of Science of Moldova. He was also honoured by Cultural Organization “Arcadia” with the Medal of Simonides of Keos and the Medal of Al Rayhan Biruni in The Awards Ceremony of Science and Arts, organized by Cultural Organization “Arcadia”.