Cultural Organization Arcadia

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N.G.O. nbr de reg. 437
Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
4th International Development Cooperation Department
Hellenic Aid
Création et Interprétation
Théâtrale Artistique et Littéraire
Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism
nbr de reg 1073
Gate of Cultural Organizations
Cultural Actions Department


Cultural Organization



"Cultural Organization Arcadia" is a non profit Non Government Organization N.G.O., nbr. de registre 437, of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Hellenic International Development Cooperation Department- Hellenic Aid.

"Cultural Organization Arcadia" is a Cultural Organization and as purposes has:

1) Through Education, Culture and Fine Arts, the closer contact and peace between people all over the world and especially between the countries of common frontiers.

2) Actions that have as priority the rights of human, the social development in part of education and the basic social structure and promotion of human respect, the Environment and Ecology and the active participation of people with special abilities.

3) Through the ideas and cultural prototypes of Ancient Hellenic and in general European tradition with seminars, workshops, education, congresses, festivals etc., that lead to the creation of the performances and settle the basis for Art and Cultural Academies throughout which the native culture will express its' creative forms.

4) Mainly the presentation and staging of Ancient Greek Tragedies in classical and avant garde version in International and Greek theatre stages.

5) Through Round Tables and long term intellectual conversations with members of the local academic and cultural societies, to enforce the mentioned aims.

6) The creative collaboration with the local honourable artistic community, especially with the Symphonic Orchestras, Opera Chorodians and Choirs, Theatrical Actors, Classical Dancers, Musicians, Painters, Architects etc.

7) The participation of the local Greek communities throughout the creative process.

8) The collaboration with the Cultural Departments of the Greek Embassies and Councils of the countries where the projects are developed and hosted.

"Cultural Organization Arcadia" is a Founder Member of Arcadia International Network (AIN) of International Society for Arcadia (International Society for the Study and the Utilization of the Arcadian World Legacy - ISA), after the recommendation of  economist and Founder member of ISA, George Christodoulopoulos and after  the proposal of the Director of ISA, author, Hellenist, Philologist, Professor and Fellow Member of Harvard University - Centre for Hellenic Studies (CHS) Prof. Pedro Olalla.

"Cultural Organization Arcadia" was founded in 2002, by Katarina Paliou, director, member of Hellenic Director Society, member of European Directors Federation F.E.R.A, International Federation of Media - Entertainment M.E.I., theatrical writer and actress, with studies in History of Art, Theatrology, Acting and Directing in England, and Lydia Palla, theatrologist and actress, School of Fine Arts, Drama Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.