Cultural Organization Arcadia

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N.G.O. nbr de reg. 437
Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
4th International Development Cooperation Department
Hellenic Aid
Création et Interprétation
Théâtrale Artistique et Littéraire
Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism
nbr de reg 1073
Gate of Cultural Organizations
Cultural Actions Department


Cultural Organization



Cultural Organization ARCADIA is a Non Governmental Organization/ Non Profit Organization. I t was founded in 2002, (Non-Profit O. since 2004).

Is registered:

• Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Hellenic Aid, reg. 473.

• Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, reg. 1073.

• Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs Volunteers Database.

Is founder of:

• International Society for Arcadia (ISA).

• International Arcadia Network (IAN).


Cultural Organization ARCADIA presents worldwide - especially in the Middle East world - Ancient Greek Tragedies and Operas, combining Culture and Science by multicultural events and activities.

We proceed relying on the belief that Culture and Civilization can unite the People for Peace and elevate the meaning of each human being.

Before our events, significant personalities from Greece and the host country (professors, philosophers, scientists and artists) analyze Culture, Science and Art in Symposiums, Round Tables, speeches, press conferences etc.

With main axe the Ancient Greek Tragedy, the Modern Theatre and Opera in its Classical and Experimental form, Arcadia PROVIDES:

• Symposiums, congresses, festivals, seminars, workshops, expeditions, lectures, music presentations, Round Tables, theatre presentations and in general cultural events with any adequate means and all the necessary publicity: press conferences, media, publications, digital products, receptions etc.

• The presentations of Greek Ancient Tragedy and Opera are accompanied by Symphonic Orchestras, which always perform live the music, specifically composed for our presentations by top and well-known composers.

Our Aims:

• Science, Culture and Education on its entirety.

• Through cross culture and multilingual actions (English and the local language), with the participation and the attendance of foreign human power, such as: scientists, academics, professors, philosophers, artists, students, technical working force, special teams (unskilled, unemployed, women, children, individuals with special needs etc) in the interior of the host country.

We always collaborate with:

• Official authorities: Universities, Ministries, International Organizations (ex UNESCO) etc.

• Greek and Local partners for constructions of infrastructures when it is demanded by the action (e.g. schools etc).

A significant part of our presentations’ income is given for philanthropy donations, in order to aid organizations who support children and people with special needs and organizations who fight discriminations and poverty.

The range of our organization’s action is international, including the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, Africa, China, Russia, Canada, Latin America and our audience includes all social teams.

Our activities also include long-term projects, such as founding and organizing International Classical Theatre Contests, International Art Festivals, National Art Stages, Theatres, etc.

Due to our status (collaboration with Universities worldwide, experience, know-how, good will) our Organization has the sufficiency and the ability to guarantee the success.

We can provide analytic presentations in the fields of:

• Directing.

• Acting.

• Theatre costume design.

• Scenography – Stage design.

• Light design.

• Dramaturgy analysis.

• Art management.

• Theatre in education.

• Thematic ceremonies (weddings, engagements etc).

• Crisis / Risk Management.

• Reconciliation of Professional and Private Life.

• Elimination of Discriminations.

• Work field respect.

• The importance of Innovations in Businesses/Organizations.

Cultural Organization ARCADIA was founded by Dr. Katerina Paliou, Phd in History of Art in Oxford, in Theatrology in Sorbonne, Paris , director and actress of the Old Vic Theatre of London and by Lydia Palla, theatrologist and assistant director.

Dr. Katerina Paliou is President of the Organization and member of:

• The Hellenic Guild of Directors.

• The European Society of Directors F.E.R.A.

• the International Society of Μedia – Εntertainment Μ.Ε.Ι.

• the International Society for Arcadia (ISA) and, also,

• Founding member of International Arcadia Network (IAN)

Honorary President is Dr. Xenophon Moussas, professor in Space Physics, Director of Astrophysics Laboratory of National Kapodestrian University of Athens, Greece.
He has been honored by great universities worldwide and has presented the famous Mechanism of Antikythera, an ancient technological achievement of Astronomy, in the biggest Universities and institutions all over the world.

The structure of our organization includes leading Greek Professors and artists in Greece and abroad who:

• Present analyses in Round Tables with the participation of scientists and artists of the host country.

• Participate in press conferences, where we present.